Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis was “hipster” long before “being hipster” was even popular. It’s also the home of The Mall of America, the largest shopping mall in the US. But more importantly, the Minneapolis metro area is a gateway city, home to more than 400,000 foreign-born immigrants and refugees, including a significant number of Somali, Hmong, Ethiopian, Central American, Karen, Bhutanese, Tibetan, Mexican and Liberian peoples. More than 200 languages are spoken in the region. Tragically, more than 80% of these international peoples have never been introduced to the Gospel.

Our Bethany teams partner with local churches to participate in community service projects, after school programs, street evangelism, children’s ministry, and outreach to the homeless. Bringing a team to Minneapolis is a fantastic option for groups because of the incredible opportunity to serve unreached peoples from all around the globe.

Trip Details


$465 per week**

Team Size:

Up to 50 people

Age Range:

Elementary Age up to Adult

Trip Length: 1-2 Weeks

Costs Include

  • Extensive Pre-Trip Training
  • Fundraising Resources
  • Lodging/Accommodations
  • Meals & Water
  • Supplies for Ministry/Outreach
  • Construction Materials
  • Ministry Itinerary Planned
  • Free-Day Activities


Potential Types of Ministry

  • Community Service Projects
  • Painting and Clean-up Projects
  • Street Evangelism
  • Teaching English
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • After School Programs
  • Prayer Walking
  • Homeless Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry


  • Metro Population: 3,524,583
  • Language: English, Spanish, Somali, More than 200 Others
  • Climate: Hot/Humid Summers, Frigid/Cold Winters

Religion Facts

  • 23% Non-Religious/Atheist
  • 22% Roman Catholic
  • 15% Evangelical Christian
  • 4% Muslim

**The listed cost is a per person rate. It does not include transportation for your group from your home city to the project city; neither does this listed cost include your transport during the trip. Most groups utilize their own (or rented) mini-vans or 15-passenger vehicles for transport to and from daily ministry locations.