Our Philosophy

Bethany Teams has a very clear ministry philosophy. Every organization has its own definition of “ministry” and every organization has its own philosophy as to how ministry ought to be done. For this reason, we believe it is essential for us to outline our ministry philosophy.

Short term trips have the potential of being a complete waste of time and money if not executed strategically. The only strategy that guarantees that your trip will be effective is to work alongside long-term workers and participate in local ministry that will continue long after your team is gone.

In every region in which we send a team, we have long-term missionaries and well vetted global partners with whom we work. Our long-term missionaries and global partners live in that region, they know the language, the context, the culture, and they are the experts in hosting a team in a manner that will guarantee maximum impact. In all cases, our long-term workers and global partners are focused on serving their local communities in some quality tangible manner.

Our long-term missionaries and global partners are a big part of helping to take care of logistics and travel plans, but that is not where it stops. They are essential in determining what type of ministry we do in each region… Gospel ministry that is sure to have a lasting impact.

Every trip we build is based upon one clear objective: Serve the Bethany Gateways workers that are already there on the ground, by plugging into some ministry they are already doing. We do not want to show up in another culture and do “our own thing” but rather we want to come alongside the local churches and the long term workers, to serve them in some tangible way that is consistent with the ministry that they are already doing.

This is our philosophy as to how cross-cultural ministry should be done, and we will NEVER deviate from this.