Bethany Teams History

Bethany Teams is a subsidiary of Bethany International, which has been training and sending out missionaries around the world, both short-term and long-term, for more than seventy years.

While Bethany International has always had short-term mission trips as a part of its portfolio, the short-term department has morphed quite a bit over the years. More than once in over the past several years, our short-term mission trips department has absorbed the personnel and operations of other short term mission trip agencies. These mergers and acquisitions have strengthened the short-term mission teams department, enabling us to train our teams more effectively and send more mission teams to more locations around the world.

One of the previous organizations (that has since been absorbed by Bethany Teams) collaborated with dozens of other agencies to launch the U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission, an accrediting and resourcing body for those who send, receive, facilitate and support short-term mission endeavors. Today, Bethany Teams meets or exceeds all of the standards set by this accrediting body.

Today, Bethany Teams is primarily focused on recruiting, training, and facilitating short-term mission teams, primarily seeking to deploy teams to serve alongside of the dozens of long-term missionaries that have been sent out by Bethany International over the last several decades.