Why Go With Bethany Teams?

When you’re planning a mission trip for your group, there’s a lot of details to consider. That’s where Bethany Teams comes in. We will help you plan a dynamic mission trip experience that is safe, fun, and effective.

Our processes guarantee that your trip will be life-changing, both for those people living in the place you go to serve as well as for those on your team.

Bethany Teams take care of all of the following:

  • Cultural Training
  • Evangelism Training
  • Fundraising Resources
  • Ministry Itinerary/Schedule
  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Visas
  • Passport Help
  • Housing/Lodging
  • In-country Transport
  • Food
  • Bottled Water
  • Safety protocols
  • Translators
  • Supplies
  • Medical information
  • Tourism/Free Day Activities

We have partners and vendors already in place to get you everything you need while in-country. There are many things to consider with short term mission trips, we’ve already thought it through for you. And we’ve already developed thorough policies and protocols for things like safety, emergency situations, potential medical issues, and scheduling ministry while in your selected country. We have thought through these types of things for you so that you don’t ever have to worry. We literally do all the hard work and boring stuff for you, so that your team can focus on doing Gospel ministry.

What Do You Get with Bethany Teams?

Here’s a brief overview of everything you get when you partner with Bethany Teams to plan your trip:

  • A quality team experience that conforms to the Standards of Excellence in short-term missions
  • Thorough training materials that give you a step-by-step process to effectively train your team and prepare them for ministry
  • The benefit of partnering with an organization with many years of experience in missions
  • Opportunity to working alongside long-term missionaries and partners that already have sustained ministry work projects that your team can be a part of
  • Pre-trip training materials that set forth step-by-step plans, everything you need to prepare your team
  • Opportunities to serve with trusted global partners that have been well vetted by our leadership team
  • Ministry activities that advance our partners’ ministry goals and match the skills of your team
  • Field hosts, guides, and translators who will help you understand the local culture
  • Expert help with the government red-tape that often comes with visa applications and expedited passport applications
  • Access to the low/discounted rates that we’ve previously negotiated on things like overseas insurance, rental cars, and security details
  • A qualified experienced leader to be with your team 24/7 during the trip, seeing to all the practical and logistical details
  • Opportunities to continue in missions after the short-term trip is over with our long-term missionaries and trusted global partners


Bethany Teams is a subsidiary of Bethany International, which has been effectively training and sending out missionaries around the world, both short-term and long-term, for more than seventy years.

The three main legs of Bethany International are the full-service missions sending agency (Bethany Gateways), a fully accredited university (Bethany Global University), and a very innovative publishing division (Publish-4-All). Bethany Teams is one of the sub-departments of the Bethany Gateways missions sending agency.

If you’re interested, feel free to read Bethany International’s Statement of Faith.

If you’re interested, we encourage you to read the Rules & Expectations we set for our mission trips.